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Content Management System (CMS) refers to system software that allows the user to manage the content on his website or web application on his own.

CMS is made especially for non-technical users, and is very easy and quickly to learn and to use.
The software takes care of all the hard stuff, so the user can concentrate on updating the content of his website or web application.
In other words, you do not need a web designer to update your website or web application like:

  • Edit, add or delete text, images

  • Add, delete pages, links to other websites, links to documents like PDF

  • Use text editing features like: font, bold, underline, bullet points, paragraph, etc.

  • Modify keywords for SEO

  • Access visitor statistics like: the number of visitors,  the most popular pages, the most popular day and time, top exit pages, which keywords they used, which search engines they came from, etc.

  • Manage e-mail lists and newsletters

  • Create and view reports

Internetwebbureau provides CMS which gives you full control of the content of your website or web application.
Fresh content is important in staying relevant and we will build you a website or web application that encourages growth where content can be updated easily and quickly on your own any time and all the time and delivered in real time.
Some CMSs comes with a built-in tutorial and we also provide some online training. This keeps your maintenance costs low.

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