Consultez nos dernières études de cas pour vous donner un aperçu plus approfondi des services et de notre processus, ainsi que pour en savoir plus sur notre approche réussie en matière de conception et de développement web de sites web et des applications web:

Étude De Cas MassageSpace.ch
Étude De Cas Arinad.com
Étude De Cas Internetwebbureau.com

CASE STUDY: Internetwebbureau.com - Web design and development (EN)


This is our new created website.

Internetwebbureau is an international full service internet/web agency specialized in result-oriented, professional and affordable web design and development of websites and web applications for SME (Small-to-Medium Enterprise) clients and independents in Switzerland and across the globe.


Internetwebbureau provide web design and development, including all associated services like marketing, optimizations, analytics, hosting, management with strong focus on results, at the highest quality, against the lowest costs, with the best service, at the shortest turn-around time, in the most flexible way, thanks to the use of highly innovative automated website builder tools such as Wix and its global delivery model with a front-office (client contact, high-end low-volume production work) onshore in Switzerland and a back-office (low-end high-volume production work) via high quality partners in cost-efficient offshore locations worldwide.

The company being a private business is service driven and successful in particular because of the commitment of all the members.



Internetwebbureau wanted to make a tangible online presence for the following reasons: to make, create, promote and sustain their fresh corporate image and business identity; and to expand into the international web design industry by reaching out to a global audience.

All of Internetwebbureau's design efforts were aimed at helping themselves  to make a tangible entry on the web and expanding their website design and development business into the local and global market with an attractive and lasting image.



Internetwebbureau did study the web design and development market locally and globally and discovered where the potential markets lay. The team was surprised to discover that the demand for high quality websites and web applications at affordale costs that generate higher business revenue and substantial cost savings for SME (Small-to-Medium Enterprise) clients and independents in Switzerland and across the globe exceeded their expectations. Nowadays each enterprise (large or small) and independent need a professional website. 


Internetwebbureau's design team also took a deep insight into the design trends for such businesses via their market research. The study helped the designers to create a new website for Internetwebbureau that truly captured the essence of what they do and stand for and reflected what their business was all about besides providing a lasting image that was as professional as the websites created for customers. The colors, design, and infographics used on the site created a true identity for the website business. The website's taxonomy was also kept as simple and friendly to the user as possible. The addition of: multiple languages, portfolio galleries, case studies, testimonials, news articles to the site added to its appeal for the general users besides educating them about websites and their use.

Internetwebbureau used for its website a combination of the latest and most innovated website builder platform Wix, the latest creative design techniques and development technologies and created a real one-stop-shop experience for the creation of a website and its associated services. It goes without saying that Internetwebbureau made sure the website does meet all web standards and guidelines.



The website created by Internetwebbureau presented the company's true business and gave it an identity that will last a long time. Thanks to the new created website, Internetwebbureau has made a remarkable presence on the web and has successfully taken its business to a global audience resulting in 50% more unique visitors and 40% higher business revenue, besides enjoying a new and refreshing corporate image.

CASE STUDY: Arinad.com - Table Art (EN)

Inca Bookecker, a Swiss table art shop owner, one of the most successful table art experts in the luxury table art business, needed for her company Arinad an online showcase as prestigious as their pieces. So that’s exactly what we gave her.

Arinad continually present new and exciting collections that never fail to surprise and delight those looking for modern table art without a compromise of the traditional standards. Arinad distributes their products to thousands of clients worldwide.

The initial Arinad website was tired, a poor showcase for its exquisite table art. A new web design and web development of a new website was required to revive the brands overall appearance, a design that would provoke users to request brochures, set appointments and to sell Arinad's products directly to luxury table art customers all around the world via the internet.

The Arinad brand, competing at the high end of the market, needed an online showcase that was as prestigious as their pieces, so that’s what Internetwebbureau provided. We designed and built in Wix, one of the most modern website builder platforms, a CMS based e-commerce web portal that perfectly complements Arinad's magnificent collection. The design, like the pieces, combines both modern and traditional visual aspects and allows visitors to interact with the brand online through the dynamic selection in the web portal and presentation of the luxury table art.

This exquisitely designed e-commerce website has attracted critical acclaim and has been featured in the design media, gaining accolades for Internetwebbureau’s web design.
The new website has been built in a flexible and fast manner and generated 65% more sales.



CASE STUDY: MassageSpace.ch - Massages (EN)

MassageSpace is the prime resource for an extraordinary massage experience at a very reasonable price in Geneva, Switzerland. MassageSpace always strives to provide the best massage to the highest professional standards in the most convenient place for their clients.

To design and produce an online presence with a feature-rich catalog and bookings platform that reflected the distinct philosophy of the company. MassageSpace prides itself on the high levels of personal and professional massage service and they are passionate about what they do. It wanted this ethos reflected online with a site that was stylish, informative and enticing. Reflecting the attention to detail found on its site, it also wanted the entire online visitors experience to be as easy and enjoyable as possible.

Internetwebbureau designed and developed in Wix, the most innovated automated website builder platform, an effective website structure in a way to accommodate high resolution content in an optimal space and an efficient bookings interface. Inviting ease of use was ensured thanks to a high-quality user interface based on audience profiling, users testing.

From the outset, the website delivered over 5 times more bookings revenue a week than anticipated and continues to be a leading website for MassageSpace. Internetwebbureau is now working on new projects, creating also more value to other MassageSpace's distinguished brand services.