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Internetwebbureau does provide the following engagement models in pricing for web design and web development services; these models can also be combined or complemented with e.g. extra training of customer’s staff at fraction of costs compared with the regular prices of training.

All models prices are pre-negotiated and payments in installments in advance which exception of the last installment which to be settled upon final delivery.

The two most common price models are:

  •   Fixed Price

Under the Fixed Price model, staff allocation is done based on a flat fee during a period of time of the project.
The client is responsible for the requirement specifications. We are responsible for managing planning and delivery based on the specifications given.

This type of model works best for projects where the scope and requirement specifications are clearly defined.

For any change in scope we follow a standard change request procedure at a predefined fixed hourly rate agreed at the initial stage of the start of the project.


  •   Time and Material

Under the Time and Material model, the client pays per use of the hourly development efforts.
We follow a strict project management and reporting practices whereby we work hand in hand with our client for execution of the project.

This type of model works best where the scope and requirement specifications are not clearly defined.
Once the scope is clear the Time and Material model can be converted to the Fixed Price model.

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