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We provide web design and development, including all associated services like marketing, optimizations, analytics, hosting, management with strong focus on results, at the highest quality, against the lowest costs, with the best service, at the shortest turn-around time, in the most flexible way, thanks to our highly innovative automated website builder tools such as Wix and Wordpress and our global delivery model with a front-office (client contact, high-end low-volume production work) onshore in Switzerland and a back-office (low-end high-volume production work) via high quality partners in cost-efficient offshore locations worldwide.


Internetwebbureau is organizing the web design and development projects according the most common business standards, methodologies and best practices in the industry with clear milestones, decision points, evaluation and proven results.

Internetwebbureau does perform the full life-cycle of websites and web applications, which consists of the following phases: strategy, concept, design, development, build, test, promote, market, host and maintenance.

The methodology we use for our projects is a combination of the structured, predictive Waterfall Methodology for the core processes and the flexible, adaptive Agile Methodology for the interactive processes.



Internetwebbureau provides the following unique best value-added global sourcing delivery model for web design and development of websites and web applications with a local onshore front-office in Geneva, Switzerland and a remote offshore back-office via partners worldwide:



Internetwebbureau does provide the following engagement models in pricing for web design and development services; these models can also be combined or complemented with e.g. extra training of customer’s staff at fraction of costs compared with the regular prices of training.



Internetwebbureau deploys a range of most advanced, highly innovative, automated and state of the art website builder tools and technologies such as Wix and Wordpress.

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