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Internetwebbureau does work from a front-office (client contact, high-end low-volume production work) onshore in Geneva, Switzerland and a back-office (low-end high-volume production work) via high quality partners in cost-efficient offshore locations worldwide.

We build long lasting relationships with our clients ranging from SME (Small-to-Medium Enterprise) to independents in different industries in different countries across the globe.

Unique Selling Points

Our Unique Selling Points are based on ‘’the best of both worlds’’:


  • Enable client to focus on core-competences

  • Result driven that brings higher business revenue

  • High quality, highly competent (knowledge, skills), expertise

  • Low cost

  • High service (personal, committed, passionate)

  • Short turnaround time

  • Large flexible capacity

  • High added-value (value for money)

  • Use of latest advanced, state-of-the-art technology such as innovative automated website builder tools Wix and Wordpress

  • Continuity

  • Cost structure client from fixed to variable

  • Local focal-point (client contact) to mitigate differences in: language, distance, time, culture

  • Advantage different time-zone back-offices (for example few hours ahead CET)

  • Working around the clock and world (if needed)

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